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Let's inspire & empower!

Introducing You Go Sisters
We are so excited to take you on this rollercoaster, discovering what womanhood means to all of us, developing new skills and points of view together and cheering on other women on their journey!
This sisterhood is an empowering space for us women where we finally stop doubting ourselves. Without pleasing everyone, not having to be perfect and not keeping up the strong lioness all the time. Let's be real!
Without detours and from the heart. That’s what we, Nat & Kat, are here for!


Welcome to our German / English Podcast meant for all women out there! A place where we are radically honest and talk about the stuff unsaid. Where we hug our dragons, rumble with vulnerability and embrace our journey together. No shortcuts, no bullshit, from the heart.
Let’s go, girls!


Check out our latest
Interviews and Sister Talks.
Check out our latest
Interviews and Sister Talks.



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