#008 | Transformation:
Discovering the Wilderness within you

Transformation - Discovering the Wilderness within you with Verena Seipp

Be Kind Towards Yourself.

In our first ever interview we get to host Transformation Coach, soulful goddess and inspirational warrior: Verena Seipp.

We women often get the feeling of always having to be good: the good daughter. The good girlfriend. The good coworker. The good friend. But what if you all of a sudden wake up and notice, what does that even mean? And what do you do about it?

In her work, Verena uses different techniques to help her clients go through shifts in their lives, giving them a new sense of balance and supporting them to see things and situations more clearly. Sometimes we don’t know what we are feeling, cause we are so used to doing what we do.

So Verena teaches us how to be more present, enjoy the moment and invites us to discover more about our values and belief systems. Because let’s face it, nothing is really permanent and we always have a choice to make.

Enjoy the journey!

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