#026 | We are Goddesses: Learning about Female Sexuality, Ownership and Pleasure from a Playmate with April Wilhelmina

Interview April Wilhelmina

Be really kind to yourself. Go within and use this opportunity to question and explore yourself first.

„As women we navigate our lives towards safety all the time – and I understand why. But you can create a strength within yourself and remember nobody can take away your mind.“

We’re kicking off the topic of “BODY IMAGE” with this bombshell of a woman. Our guest today is an incredibly talented, smart, brilliant, cheeky, courageous und creative woman, eager to learn everything there is to know about life and it’s lessons. She started off as a lifeguard and pool manager, then she worked as an English teacher and continued in a law firm, managing information security governance program nationally as a top level cooperate executive. But she quickly figured out, this isn’t the life I want. Ladies and Gents, please welcome April Wilhelmina.

April reflected on her situation and knew, she hasn’t been herself for a really long time hiding her curves, and brilliance in order to survive and fit into the world – showing the picture that people expected of her. Join us on her journey to Playboy, winning back her confidence and owning her sexuality in a world, that doesn’t really want to see women in their sexual power. We can learn so so much from her. Just wait and see.

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