#050 | Stepping into our higher self: How we can do hard things - with Nadine Richter

Interview with Nadine Richter

Sitting with your feelings of discomfort instead of distracting yourself

This episode is a gentle reminder that YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS – like Glennon Doyle expresses it in beautiful ways. That it’s not always about easy. That the magic happens once you leave your comfort zone.

Like Nadine did when moving to Mallorca with her four kids in the middle of a pandemic. And it doesn’t even have to be the bold move. It actually starts with sitting with your feelings of discomfort instead of distracting yourself.

Often we avoid difficult things – whether it’s a negative feeling, a difficult talk or speaking up because it might get uncomfortable. And that does not serve us in the long run.

Nadine shows us how we can use difficult moments to unleash our creative power and step into our higher self: „For me, my higher self is a very soft, warm and humble place. The more purposeful and authentic part of me. The part that has not been conditioned and is not just craving for more.“

Nadine inspires you to show up – in terms of acknowledging ALL parts of you and embracing your darkness. To become whole again by allowing everything that makes you YOU.

A good starting point can be LISTENING. Listening to yourself, to nature, to others. To be brave enough to dive into stillness and create a space within you, like a garden – where your inner voice can be cultivated and guide you towards fulfillment and purpose.

Thank you so much, Nadine, for inspiring us to show up and to believe in ourselves – that we can do difficult things.

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