Let’s finally stop doubting ourselves and start BEING completely ourselves

We are here to support and empower all the sisters around the world.

Let’s get this party started!

How can we as women support each other and get some inspiration?
Why compete when we’re having a lot more fun cheerleading for one another?! What does it mean to be a woman, nowadays?
How can we learn more from each other and thereby achieve more together?

Let’s finally talk about this stuff. Without detours and from the heart.

Within intimate conversations, together we are looking for solutions and guidance to help other women. In doing so, we want to break with stigmas – so that taboo topics can become part of the whole view again. And this eventually starts with ourselves.

That’s what we, Nat & Kat, are here for!

Sisterhood RETREATS

One thing is pretty clear to us, we want to get in touch with you! Therefore, we are creating spaces, where the magic can happen.

As Kat is located on the beautiful island of Mallorca, we want to meet you there, live and in person! You are invited to join our Sisterhood of Mallorca hosting local retreats, workshops and experiences.

Sisterhood ONLINE

We will be preparing Online Workshops in German here on our website! In 2,5 hours - to the point and crisp - we will explore a specific topic together and dive into self reflection and experience sharing. Come join us!