We are bringing some sister lovin’ to your hood!

Welcome to the Hood

Do you ever get the feeling that you want to share something, but you're scared nobody will understand or judge you?
Then you made it to the right place. Welcome to our sisterhood!

The Sisterhood

In this German / English sisterhood we talk about womanhood, personal development, self-love and the challenges we are all facing as a human being and woman. Hugging our dragons, rumbling with vulnerability and embracing our journey together.

We also talk about entrepreneurship, self-employment, finance, patchwork, being a mother, not being a mother, and and and. Our topics and the stuff unsaid. So that we can inspire and encourage one another to lead our own path.

As we want to reach as many of you as possible, this website and also most of our Instagram content is in English. The You Go Sisters Podcast covers both – some of our episodes are in English, some are in German.

Sisters of the hood


A place where we finally want to talk with YOU. What’s your perspective, what are your topics, what are your experiences so far?

You can be 13 or 87 years old – no matter what! This sisterhood is welcoming everyone out there who is curious to learn, listen, share and grow.
This whole project is collaborative – together we decide which topics to explore and how this whole journey is going to look like.

So bring yourself and your topics, sister!